Self confidence

The seminar will help to better understand the women’s nature and the main secret why men want us.
Self-confidence is the key to success and well-being in various spheres of life, including work, sport, business, personal relationships. However, the most important thing is that self-confidence is the strong basis of a good relationship with ourselves.
Self-confidence is multidimensional, but first of all it’s related to knowing yourself: who I am, what I am, what I want, what resources I have to reach my goals, my strong and weak points, etc. Someone who is not enough self-confident will always experience difficulties in building relationships, in communicating with others, in feeling self-contained, satisfied and happy.
This seminar will cover the main aspects of self-confidence: its features, types, structure, the relation between self-confidence and self-esteem, the obstacles and the ways to overcome them.
“I’m not self-confident”, “I lack self-confidence” are not a verdict. It’s just the matter of lacking knowledge and certain skills. This seminar will help you to fill this gap and to take another glance at yourself.