9 steps to live again

Proved by personal experience of the author
Everyone is familiar with crises, failures, trains of misfortune. How can one handle all of that without antidepressants and long term sessions with a psychologist or a life coach? How can one get onto a positive wave again and get away from the killer waves destroying us from inside? This seminar will provide you with the answers and specific instruments.
Anyway, everything in our life depends on perception. You will learn how to deal with perception at the seminar. Moreover, you will be provided with some proven and effective ways and exercises on how to manage it.
We feel various emotions (positive, negative or neutral) through the lenses of perception. Getting onto the right wave or riding out onto the right takeoff runway in your life actually means the techniques of transforming the negative way of thinking and feeling into the positive one. Having mastered these simple techniques and skills of managing emotions, we will be able to become more self confident and happy in life.